Bowland College Extrav 2015 Release

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Extravs – probably Lancaster’s biggest three days of partying (excluding Welcome Week). With nine colleges each choosing and advertising their themes to the thousands of potential attendees, the theme release is vital.

The Trailer

Bowland College came to me with an idea about their Extrav, titled WWB: The Fallout. The extrav’s theme is a post-apocalyptic world, where a chemical (entitled Anthrax-B) was released in Lancaster. Here is the Bowland College Extrav Release Trailer, made by me:

The Making Of

The Bowland College Extrav trailer was made using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop. We filmed the trailer over one day, with a Sony XLR2, camera dolly (basement and news shots) and Glide Cam (forest shots). The script was loosely written, and improvisation was key when filming the scenes. When editing in Premiere Pro, I added a dark edge effect on the video to add some drama to the shots, and then created a darker, more night like scene by changing the RGB curves on the footage.

I used After Effects was used to create the destroyed look on campus. Unfortunately, this had to be the most difficult as it involved tracking multiple areas of the aerial shot and placing in destroyed graphics, matching the colors of these graphics to the colours of the buildings.

Below are some images of the creation of the Bowland College Extrav trailer.