Lake Windermere

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Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England, situated in the Lake District national park. Spanning 18km in length, you’re never going to be short of space when on the lake.

Boat hire in Lake Windermere

We hired a motorboat on Lake Windermere from a company called Lake Windermere Boat Hire. They were fantastic, and charged us £19 for a motorboat for one hour. In this time, you could get to (almost) the North tip of the lake. We were advised to sail to the yellow buoy from the boat hire centre, and then sail straight up the lake. The views were fantastic.

Walking around Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere OS MapWe walked about 11km on the West side of the lake, climbing about 200m in altitude. We walked down the lake and used the Windermere Ferry to get across (only 50p for pedestrians) from Bowness. Here is a link to the KML File (used for Google Earth). By the way, I would strongly recommened using the OS Map Finder application: it’s absolutely fantastic. Having got my DofE awards, and navigated using paper maps (which I would always advise to bring as a spare if you’re not 100% confident about where you’re going), this is a much welcomed change.

WaterfallJust a quick explanation of this photo. I took it with my iPhone (surprisingly) using an application called SlowShutter. I placed my iPhone on a rock (had to prop it up with a stick for it to stay) – and set a 5s timer (so as I moved away my hand, it wouldn’t shake the camera) and a 60s exposure. The app does all the rest, and it is a fantastic photo. I then used photoshop to enhance the brightness of the water, add more green to the surrounding undergrowth and brighten up other bits in the image.