We went to Austria (and Italy) for a week of climbing, hiking and Via Feratta-ing (is that a word?). We started with a nice 0600hrs flight from LHR to INN. We had a transfer that we missed as our flight was delayed and (despite Austrian Airlines advertising this connection) “25 minutes is too short to transfer”. Once we landed, Sam’s friend picked us up and we went for a BBQ at a Cottage in the mountains. The next day, we headed up to Nordkette for…Continue Reading “Austria 2019”

LiveTracks is a live tracking implementation using FollowMee and a simple PHP back-end and JavaScript front-end. Essentially, the PHP back-end calls the FollowMee API at regular intervals to get the latest location of the phone. If the location has not changed, it will ignore the update. If it has, it take the location and speed and put it into the database. When loading the map, the database is queried for tracks and they are passed in to the Google Maps JavaScript API which displays them…Continue Reading “LiveTracks (PHP)”

Wow. What can I say? I had no idea this area of Exmoor, or indeed the entire country, was this beautiful. Jess and I headed down to Illfracombe, a quaint British seaside town just to the West of Exmoor National Park. We had a wonder round (it wasn’t anything special) and then decided to find a campsite. As we drove through the country lanes, a sign reading “Pitches: £13” was on the side of the road. We headed in to Watermouth Valley Camping Park and…Continue Reading “Exmoor National Park”

Myself, Alex and fellow nutters Gee and Andy from TwoTravlrs headed up to the Lake District for the Lakeland Festival of Light and the Arc’teryx Big Mountain Weekend. Actually, that was more of just an excuse to get up there. It was a bank holiday, and despite the drawbacks that comes with the ‘city massif’ rocking up on a bank holiday, we hit the M6… Walna Scar Car Park Six hours later, we arrived at Walna Scar carpark. I’d never been here before but I’d heard of it…Continue Reading “Lakeland Festival of Light”

Antonia Payne-Cheney is trying to raise £200,000 by April for a lifesaving operation in Barcelona. Myself and several others are doing out bit to try help her plight. Personally, myself and Dan Jepson from DJ Productions have sent a balloon in to space with Antonia’s photograph on to help try and raise awareness. For high resolution photos, click here. To download the video, click here. You can donate by visiting Antonia’s Just Giving Page, or text “EHLE 82” and your amount (£1, £5, £10) to…Continue Reading “Helping Antonia”

This guide allows you to convert a Raspberry Pi into a 3G or 4G Hotspot, using a 3G or 4G Modem and a WiFi card. Prerequisites: You must have a 3G or 4G USB Modem (in this example, I am using a ZTE MF112 3G Modem from Three) You must have a wireless adaptor (either build in to the Pi or a compatible external one) You must have imaged the Pi with the latest Raspian build. The version I used is downloadable here. Preparing the…Continue Reading “Raspberry Pi into a 3G / 4G Hotspot”

Despite being 416,399,477 miles apart, Venus and Jupiter appeared just 16 arc minutes (or half the width of a full Moon) away from each other. I’d planned the scene by using Stellarium to work out where the planets were going to be and at what time, and used Google Maps and Ordnance Survey to calculate where I could see them from I went to Bredon Hill, in Worcestershire, on the morning of Monday 13th November to capture this event. This photo was taken at 06:14 GMT…Continue Reading “Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter”

I took the drone up over the Severn Ham on Tuesday 7th November 2017, where there was some beautiful morning fog. A fog is just a cloud at the ground. Fog formation can occur in two ways. First, the air is cooled to the dew point which leads to the formation of fog droplets. When the air temperature is the same as the dew point temperature, condensation occurs on tiny particles floating in the air. The second method of fog formation requires water to evaporate…Continue Reading “An Autumnal Morning”

Bredon Hill is a 299m isolated hill in Worcestershire. It stands within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. At the summit of the hill, there are the remains of earthworks from an Iron Age hill fort known as Kemerton Camp, which is believed to have been abandoned in the 1st century A.D. after a considerable battle. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bredon_Hill