Well, we finally completed The Ben. This is kind of a long post so if you’re after a summary of what you need to bring when hiking Ben Nevis, click here to go to the bottom where I’ve provided one ūüôā Driving and Camping We decided to head up to Ben Nevis earlier in the week, taking advantage of the long Easter weekend. However, the problem with long bank holiday weekends is always traffic – and there was lots of traffic! The king of average…Continue Reading “Hiking Ben Nevis”

Featured: It’s been three weeks since I arrived at Camp Takajo. Since then, I’ve been a little busy and the ambitious “one blogpost and video per week” went out the window fairly quickly. Nonetheless, I’ve been having a pretty great time. After arriving, the new counsellors were given an orientation, providing us with an insight into working with children, laws in Maine and a series of excellent talks. We were also orientated around¬†in our activities and our age groups. Here’s a video I made for…Continue Reading “Camp Takajo | First Three Weeks”

The Milky Way is truly one of the greatest sights to photograph. I captured several photos of our galaxy using my Nikon D7100 and the following settings: 30 Second Exposure 6400 ISO f/3.5 18mm Lens Unfortunately, due to my limited exposure time I had to increase the ISO level above what I would like do which means the image is somewhat noisy. However, I am wanting to invest in an iOptron Sky Tracker which will allow me to sent an essentially unlimited exposure time and…Continue Reading “The Milky Way”

LiveScore is a PHP application written in Phalcon¬†which provides a live scoring system to a sporting competition, designed for Intervarsity Competitions. Lancaster is a collegiate university, and the majority of the colleges have competitions with multiple sports. Historically, no one has known the scores for each sport and subsequently the overall score. Front End LiveScore is designed to be a standalone site, with ahis way, the hosts can keep their brand identity when publishing their scores. The scoring page consists of¬†the overall score, separated¬†by two…Continue Reading “LiveScore (PHP)”

A few days ago, I created Bowland College’s Founders 2016 Promo trailer, as I did last year. This year, we wanted a more aggressive and narrative, to emphasise the rivalry more clearly and to emphasise the training that each college sportsman and sportswoman put in to the event.

  ChatLonger is my Final Year Project (dissertation) on mobile phone energy efficiency, approaching the topic from an application level as opposed to a middleware or hardware level. I’ll post more here soon!

A timelapse taken over of several hours of the sunset going into night. Taken using a Nikon D7100, 18mm f/3.5 lens and Interval Shooting on the camera. In order to deal with the changing light levels, I manually adjusted the exposure and ISO settings at intervals. Subsequently, I used LRTimelapse to compile the photos and then adjust each change to minimise the flickering between the different brightnesses of photos as they were changed.

The Syntax Parser (available on GitHub here) is a simple Java application to parse a simple language similar to Ada.¬†The task was¬†to¬†implement a syntax analyser (SA) for this language using a recursive descent parser. The¬†analyser‚Äôs sole function was¬†make sure a user‚Äôs source program is syntactically correct, and the¬†SA had to generate appropriate and helpful error messages where required. The SA had to¬†terminate on encountering and reporting the first error. To be more precise, we were¬†expected to¬†build a Syntax Recogniser as its purpose to recognise its…Continue Reading “Syntax Parser (Java)”