We went to Austria (and Italy) for a week of climbing, hiking and Via Feratta-ing (is that a word?). We started with a nice 0600hrs flight from LHR to INN. We had a transfer that we missed as our flight was delayed and (despite Austrian Airlines advertising this connection) “25 minutes is too short to transfer”. Once we landed, Sam’s friend picked us up and we went for a BBQ at a Cottage in the mountains. The next day, we headed up to Nordkette for…Continue Reading “Austria 2019”

Wow. What can I say? I had no idea this area of Exmoor, or indeed the entire country, was this beautiful. Jess and I headed down to Illfracombe, a quaint British seaside town just to the West of Exmoor National Park. We had a wonder round (it wasn’t anything special) and then decided to find a campsite. As we drove through the country lanes, a sign reading “Pitches: £13” was on the side of the road. We headed in to Watermouth Valley Camping Park and…Continue Reading “Exmoor National Park”

Antonia Payne-Cheney is trying to raise £200,000 by April for a lifesaving operation in Barcelona. Myself and several others are doing out bit to try help her plight. Personally, myself and Dan Jepson from DJ Productions have sent a balloon in to space with Antonia’s photograph on to help try and raise awareness. For high resolution photos, click here. To download the video, click here. You can donate by visiting Antonia’s Just Giving Page, or text “EHLE 82” and your amount (£1, £5, £10) to…Continue Reading “Helping Antonia”

Well, we finally completed The Ben. This is kind of a long post so if you’re after a summary of what you need to bring when hiking Ben Nevis, click here to go to the bottom where I’ve provided one 🙂 Driving and Camping We decided to head up to Ben Nevis earlier in the week, taking advantage of the long Easter weekend. However, the problem with long bank holiday weekends is always traffic – and there was lots of traffic! The king of average…Continue Reading “Hiking Ben Nevis”

Featured: It’s been three weeks since I arrived at Camp Takajo. Since then, I’ve been a little busy and the ambitious “one blogpost and video per week” went out the window fairly quickly. Nonetheless, I’ve been having a pretty great time. After arriving, the new counsellors were given an orientation, providing us with an insight into working with children, laws in Maine and a series of excellent talks. We were also orientated around in our activities and our age groups. Here’s a video I made for…Continue Reading “Camp Takajo | First Three Weeks”

A timelapse taken over of several hours of the sunset going into night. Taken using a Nikon D7100, 18mm f/3.5 lens and Interval Shooting on the camera. In order to deal with the changing light levels, I manually adjusted the exposure and ISO settings at intervals. Subsequently, I used LRTimelapse to compile the photos and then adjust each change to minimise the flickering between the different brightnesses of photos as they were changed.

The Lake District in the summer is one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to. Little did I know, its beauty is only increased in the winter. I’ve been twice in the past week, once on the 16th January and once on the 22nd. The first time, the Lakes were covered in a thick sheet of snow which was absolutely beautiful. However, the snow didn’t let up at any point during the day, causing an issue to snap any decent photos, due…Continue Reading “Lake District in January”

aurora borealis

On January 20th 2016, the Northern Lights could be seen from the North West. The Earth flew in to a remnants of a CME previously in the week, causing minor geomagnetic activity in the upper atmosphere. Conveniently, the skies were also clear – the perfect opportunity to capture the Aurora was approaching. I knew it was coming, as Lancaster University’s Aurora Watch wad detecting around 130 nT of geomagnetic activity (nT is nanoteslas, the unit of measure for some geomagnetic monitoring stations). Using a 35mm, f/1.8 lens…Continue Reading “Aurora Borealis, Lancaster”