LiveTracks is a live tracking implementation using FollowMee and a simple PHP back-end and JavaScript front-end. Essentially, the PHP back-end calls the FollowMee API at regular intervals to get the latest location of the phone. If the location has not changed, it will ignore the update. If it has, it take the location and speed and put it into the database. When loading the map, the database is queried for tracks and they are passed in to the Google Maps JavaScript API which displays them…Continue Reading “LiveTracks (PHP)”

This guide allows you to convert a Raspberry Pi into a 3G or 4G Hotspot, using a 3G or 4G Modem and a WiFi card. Prerequisites: You must have a 3G or 4G USB Modem (in this example, I am using a ZTE MF112 3G Modem from Three) You must have a wireless adaptor (either build in to the Pi or a compatible external one) You must have imaged the Pi with the latest Raspian build. The version I used is downloadable here. Preparing the…Continue Reading “Raspberry Pi into a 3G / 4G Hotspot”

LiveScore is a PHP application written in Phalcon which provides a live scoring system to a sporting competition, designed for Intervarsity Competitions. Lancaster is a collegiate university, and the majority of the colleges have competitions with multiple sports. Historically, no one has known the scores for each sport and subsequently the overall score. Front End LiveScore is designed to be a standalone site, with ahis way, the hosts can keep their brand identity when publishing their scores. The scoring page consists of the overall score, separated by two…Continue Reading “LiveScore (PHP)”

  ChatLonger is my Final Year Project (dissertation) on mobile phone energy efficiency, approaching the topic from an application level as opposed to a middleware or hardware level. I’ll post more here soon!

The Syntax Parser (available on GitHub here) is a simple Java application to parse a simple language similar to Ada. The task was to implement a syntax analyser (SA) for this language using a recursive descent parser. The analyser’s sole function was make sure a user’s source program is syntactically correct, and the SA had to generate appropriate and helpful error messages where required. The SA had to terminate on encountering and reporting the first error. To be more precise, we were expected to build a Syntax Recogniser as its purpose to recognise its…Continue Reading “Syntax Parser (Java)”

The password cracker is a java application that attempts to use a mixed dictionary attack to crack a number of passwords hashed in the SHA-256 format. The program uses threads to run multiple different functions on a series of both predefined words and random letters and numbers, storing these in a hash table once they have been hashed to SHA-256 format and comparing them with the passwords to be cracked. The code can be found here.