Despite being 416,399,477 miles apart, Venus and Jupiter appeared just 16 arc minutes (or half the width of a full Moon) away from each other. I’d planned the scene by using Stellarium to work out where the planets were going to be and at what time, and used Google Maps and Ordnance Survey to calculate where I could see them from I went to Bredon Hill, in Worcestershire, on the morning of Monday 13th November to capture this event. This photo was taken at 06:14 GMT…Continue Reading “Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter”

The Milky Way is truly one of the greatest sights to photograph. I captured several photos of our galaxy using my Nikon D7100 and the following settings: 30 Second Exposure 6400 ISO f/3.5 18mm Lens Unfortunately, due to my limited exposure time I had to increase the ISO level above what I would like do which means the image is somewhat noisy. However, I am wanting to invest in an iOptron Sky Tracker which will allow me to sent an essentially unlimited exposure time and…Continue Reading “The Milky Way”

8 years ago, on July 20th 2007, two months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. The result was 1,800 homes being flooded, 48,000 homes without power and a huge number of homes without water. The 2007 floods resulted in an estimated cost of £3.2bn for the UK Economy, according to the environment agency.