A few days ago, I created Bowland College’s Founders 2016 Promo trailer, as I did last year. This year, we wanted a more aggressive and narrative, to emphasise the rivalry more clearly and to emphasise the training that each college sportsman and sportswoman put in to the event.

  ChatLonger is my Final Year Project (dissertation) on mobile phone energy efficiency, approaching the topic from an application level as opposed to a middleware or hardware level. I’ll post more here soon!

A timelapse taken over of several hours of the sunset going into night. Taken using a Nikon D7100, 18mm f/3.5 lens and Interval Shooting on the camera. In order to deal with the changing light levels, I manually adjusted the exposure and ISO settings at intervals. Subsequently, I used LRTimelapse to compile the photos and then adjust each change to minimise the flickering between the different brightnesses of photos as they were changed.

The Syntax Parser (available on GitHub here) is a simple Java application to parse a simple language similar to Ada. The task was to implement a syntax analyser (SA) for this language using a recursive descent parser. The analyser’s sole function was make sure a user’s source program is syntactically correct, and the SA had to generate appropriate and helpful error messages where required. The SA had to terminate on encountering and reporting the first error. To be more precise, we were expected to build a Syntax Recogniser as its purpose to recognise its…Continue Reading “Syntax Parser (Java)”

The password cracker is a java application that attempts to use a mixed dictionary attack to crack a number of passwords hashed in the SHA-256 format. The program uses threads to run multiple different functions on a series of both predefined words and random letters and numbers, storing these in a hash table once they have been hashed to SHA-256 format and comparing them with the passwords to be cracked. The code can be found here.  

The Lake District in the summer is one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to. Little did I know, its beauty is only increased in the winter. I’ve been twice in the past week, once on the 16th January and once on the 22nd. The first time, the Lakes were covered in a thick sheet of snow which was absolutely beautiful. However, the snow didn’t let up at any point during the day, causing an issue to snap any decent photos, due…Continue Reading “Lake District in January”

aurora borealis

On January 20th 2016, the Northern Lights could be seen from the North West. The Earth flew in to a remnants of a CME previously in the week, causing minor geomagnetic activity in the upper atmosphere. Conveniently, the skies were also clear – the perfect opportunity to capture the Aurora was approaching. I knew it was coming, as Lancaster University’s Aurora Watch wad detecting around 130 nT of geomagnetic activity (nT is nanoteslas, the unit of measure for some geomagnetic monitoring stations). Using a 35mm, f/1.8 lens…Continue Reading “Aurora Borealis, Lancaster”

Date: Saturday 10th October 2015 We arrived at Church Stile Farm & Holiday Park quite late, pitched the tent and went to the pub. The park were really understanding about the difficulties we’d incurred with the traffic on the way up. The park is to the South West of Wast Water and Scafell Pike. It was perfect for what we wanted, with decent showers, a small shop. It’s situated in Nether Wasdale, which is literally in the middle of nowhere – other than the campsite, the…Continue Reading “Scafell Pike Climb – October 2015”