8 years ago, on July 20th 2007, two months worth of rain fell in just a few hours. The result was 1,800 homes being flooded, 48,000 homes without power and a huge number of homes without water. The 2007 floods resulted in an estimated cost of £3.2bn for the UK Economy, according to the environment agency.  

Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England, situated in the Lake District national park. Spanning 18km in length, you’re never going to be short of space when on the lake. Boat hire in Lake Windermere We hired a motorboat on Lake Windermere from a company called Lake Windermere Boat Hire. They were fantastic, and charged us £19 for a motorboat for one hour. In this time, you could get to (almost) the North tip of the lake. We were advised to sail to…Continue Reading “Lake Windermere”


Extravs – probably Lancaster’s biggest three days of partying (excluding Welcome Week). With nine colleges each choosing and advertising their themes to the thousands of potential attendees, the theme release is vital. The Trailer Bowland College came to me with an idea about their Extrav, titled WWB: The Fallout. The extrav’s theme is a post-apocalyptic world, where a chemical (entitled Anthrax-B) was released in Lancaster. Here is the Bowland College Extrav Release Trailer, made by me: The Making Of The Bowland College Extrav trailer was…Continue Reading “Bowland College Extrav 2015 Release”

[huge_it_gallery id=”2″]   Background Kenilworth Castle is located in the town of the same name in Warwickshire, England. Constructed from Norman through to Tudor times, the castle has been described by architectural historian Anthony Emery as “the finest surviving example of a semi-royal palace of the later middle ages, significant for its scale, form and quality of workmanship”.[1] Kenilworth has also played an important historical role. The castle was the subject of the six-month-long Siege of Kenilworth in 1266, believed to be the longest siege…Continue Reading “Kenilworth Castle”